Work gloves.

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  • Nitrile Dipped Gloves

    Nitrile dipped gloves protecting your palms when working with oil, weak acids and other.

  • Latex Dipped Gloves

    Latex dipped gloves suitable for mechanical work, working with sharp blades, storage house works, repair shops and other.

  • Polyurethane Dipped...

    Polyurethane dipped gloves suitable for installation works and works requiring precise finger movement.

  • Chemical Resistant Gloves

    Chemical resistant gloves providing protection against  chemical hazards, petrol products, oil, acid and others.

  • Domestic Gloves

    Domestic gloves

  • Rigger Gloves

    Rigger gloves made of leather and fabric protecting your hands and commonly used for general handling purposes.

  • Leather Gloves

    Leather gloves - light and comfortable protecting you against high temperatures, flame and fire. 

  • Welding Gloves

    Welding Gloves providing heat resistance during stick welding.

  • Textile Gloves with...

    Textile work gloves with PVC dotes insuring you have a maximum grip.

  • Textile Gloves

    These gloves offer general protection and are ideal for precise installation works where maximum protection is not necessary.

  • Heat Resistant Gloves

    Heat resistant gloves ideal to be used when you need to protect your hands from heat and high temperatures.

  • Winter Work Gloves

    These gloves are perfect to be used when handling rough surfaces and also any kind of work in cold weather.

  • Disposable Medical Gloves

    You can use these disposable gloves are suitable to be used in the food industry, medicine, cleaning and others.

  • Cut Resistant Gloves

    These gloves protect your hands when working with sharp objects and blades.

Showing 1 - 74 of 74 items
Showing 1 - 74 of 74 items