ATGGlove Maxiflex cut 3 with granules


Lightweight safety gloves ATG created for work in dry environments. They combine cut-resistance with breathability and high quality.

19,50 лв

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ATG safety gloves made for precision work in dry environments. ATG uses innovative fibres to ensure the highest level of cut-resistance, having added a reinforcement between the thumb and index finger for extra protection. This, like most ATG products, has a high level of breathability, making this glove one of the most breathable ones on the market. The gloves can endure over 18,000 abrasive cycles - a testament to their durability and high quality. The gloves also mimic the hand at rest, minimising the fatigue levels, which leads to fewer accidents. The gloves are made out of nitrile-coated micro-foam. The palm has a thickness of 0.85mm and a length of 25 cm. The colour is a combination of green and black and the gloves are available in a variety of sizes.


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