ATG MaxiFlex Elite KW Palm Coated


ATG Safety gloves with wrist, created for work in dry environments. Silicone-free, lightweight gloves with high-quality yarn.

9,00 лв

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ATG safety gloves with wrist, designed for precision handling in dry environments. They are silicone-free! Using its innovative AirTech technology and its patented micro-foam nitrile coating this product offers 360° breathability, making it one of the most breathable gloves on the market today. The heat from one's hand travels quicker through the breathable surface due to it being 35% thinner than any other traditional foam gloves enabling it to breathe 40% more efficiently than similar gloves. The DURAtech coating technology in the coating construction gives these gloves the opportunity to withstand 12,000 abrasive cycles per millimetre! Also, Per millimetre of coating MaxiFlex has over twice the resistance of another glove in its class, making this product truly remarkable. This product is 30% thinner than traditional foam nitrile gloves on the market whilst offering similar mechanical performance to traditional foam nitrile gloves. ATG also uses an ultra-light liner utilized to produce smooth and rounded fingertips, maximizing fingertip sensitivity. These gloves mimic the “hand at rest”, reducing hand fatigue and increasing comfort by also leaving only the soft liner resting against the skin. This extra hand care actively works to reduce possible accidents when working. This product also has an optimized grip delivered through ATG's micro-cap finish, which allows for a controlled grip. GRIPtech decreases hand fatigue and increases safety. The gloves have palm thickness of 0.75mm and a length of 25cm. The colour of the product is blue and it is available in a variety of sizes.


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